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This is yuvi's commission's page!

Hi! I'm Yuvi, I'm a comfy ultraviolet girl V-artist who loves to draw cute things!Links at the bottom! <3Please read my TOS before commissioning!Work Queue

how to commission:

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Please read the terms before placing your order and clarify with me if you are unsure.
I will not be liable to any extra costs incurred from you not reading the TOS.
Commission Process

Stage IStage IIStage III
Commission Request from Client on Vgen (be as detailed as possible)Sketch or DraftFinal Submission / Deliverables
Commission Review by ArtistFeedback from Client and Revisions by Artist**Any revisions after this stage will incur revision fees (with exception of Live2D art, revisions will be free upon rigger's request)
Invoicing and Payment (on Vgen)  
  • The Artist is not obligated to accept Commissions on a first-come-first-serve basis and will review each request thoroughly.

  • The Client shall not rush the Artist and is to inform the Artist of any deadlines beforehand. The Artist will not accept rush fees.

  • The Artist is free to stream the commission process unless otherwise informed by the Client at the Commission Request stage

  • If requested, the Artist will maintain confidentiality of the full commission, including references, business information, marketing plans, etc, and will not share it on public platforms without the prior written consent of the Client.

  • Both the Client and Artist will hold and maintain confidentiality of all personal or business information of all involved parties.

  • Full payment is required from the Client upfront via paypal or an alternative method as agreed upon by both the Client and the Artist.

  • Maximum 2 revisions requests will be accepted by the Artist in Stage II for all commission requests except for Vtuber Live2D Art Requests, after which each revision will be charged at 20% of commission price. Vtuber Live2D Art will be revised by the Artist for free only on request from the Live2D rigger.

  • If the Client requests for additional changes beyond the scope of the original request, the Client will accede to additional revision fees or payments

  • The Artist agrees to a perpetual non-exclusive license of commercial rights (including but not limited to the right to display, transmit, modify, transfer, or create derivative works) to the Client, excluding the rights to authorship credit and selling the commission product, which will be retained by the Artist.

  • The Client is not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of the commissioned artwork for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), any AI-related work or any cryptocurrency related advertising or profit.

  • The Client will give credit to the Artist in close proximity to where the commissioned work appears. The Client must properly identify the Artist as the creator of the work by including their name and any social media handle, and must not mislead others to think that the work has been created by anyone other than the Artist.

  • The Artist reserves the right to use commissioned artwork on their portfolio.

  • The Client may terminate the commission at any time with written notice subject to payment depending on extent of work done

  • The Artist will not do: NSFW, Furry, Mecha, Elderly, Copyrighted Characters, Offensive and Discriminatory themes relating to sex, race or religion, Excessive violence and gore. For Vtuber Live2D Art, the Artist is only accepting female-presenting characters at the moment.

  • The Artist will only keep commission files for a maximum of 6 months. The Client is responsible for owning the commission files after delivery. The Client can request for Artist to keep the commission files at hand ONLY for Live2D Vtuber Model Art and ONLY because The Client wants to commission additional outfits/items/toggles from The Artist.

  • Please note that all prices are before Vgen fees, final price may be higher on Vgen.

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Commissions !

Type of CommissionCommission StatusEstimated Turn-around Time once started
Vtuber Live2D ArtCheck Vgen~2-3 months
Chibi ArtCheck Vgen~1 month
Emote ArtCheck Vgen~2 weeks to 1 month
Vtube Studio Live2D Pet ItemCheck Vgen~1 month
Stream OverlayCheck Vgen~1 month

Please check Vgen for prices and more details!Please note that all prices are before Vgen's fees. Prices will be slightly higher on Vgen.All prices in USD.

how to commission:

Returning Commissioners Loyalty Card
[ please contact me to get the stamps]

Chibi ArtPlease note that my artstyle is constantly evolving, and I'm always trying to be better! If you want a specific artstyle from my past, please tell me in your request! (:

Vtuber Model
Art only, No Live2D Rigging
Half or Full Body
+ 40% for extra outfit
*please dm me for any inquiries

EmotesTransparent .PNG files for static emotes and .GIF files for animated emotes

Vtube Studio Live2D Pet Item
DOES NOT INCLUDE Mascot/Pet Design, please have a character reference ready.
Only for use in Vtube Studio


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This is yuvi's portfolio page!
For more portfolio examples, you can check out my twitter or my vgen portfolio!

how to commission:

Please view my vgen porfolio for my latest work!Stream Assets are available on my Ko-Fi or Etsy stores! Please check out the links below!For merchandise art requests / corporate, please dm me. Feel free to dm me if you need more portfolio examples as well!

yuvi's comms !-- x

Hello I'm Yuvi !

I'm an artist from Singapore who loves to draw cute things like chibis!I am also a vtuber who streams on twitch, so if you enjoy art and hoyoverse games, come by and chill!

Credits for 4.0 and Stream:
Vtuber Model, Profile Picture, Starting Screen: Yuvi
Vtuber Rigging: Kobotano
BRB Screen: Ying Wei
Lore Writing: Fontaine
BGM: Mikka
Reference Sheet: Roe
Stinger: Shiina
Miscellaneous Stream Art:
Chibi: Shira
Illustration (Flat): Lady Infel
Illustration (Headshot): Amaris Luna

Art by Smolroe

I personally love:
♡ Nijisanji EN Vtubers (especially Shu Yamino)
♡ My vtuber friends
♡ Kafka and Jingliu from Honkai Star Rail
♡ Psychological Horror Shows
♡ Addicted to tiktok reddit stories with the minecraft or subway surfers background
I also sing on youtube and tiktok! I make assets on Ko-Fi and Etsy.Lore:
Yuvi is a comfy Ultraviolet Light Vtuber who went through the ozone layer and is stuck on Earth now. Yuvi runs an art cafe for unusual beings now!